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Pet pt 6 Reunion Kid x reader
Your POV
You yawned tiredly as you neared your home. You had finished your mission late last night and, after receiving your reward, stayed at a hotel before making your way home this morning. It wasn't the most glamorous job, but it paid well and you had developed the skills years ago. What was your job? You were a hitman, an assassin hired by your boss, Doflamingo, to kill anyone he deemed a threat to his business.
After certain kills, the guilt that haunted you for the next week would prevent any good sleep which is why you were so tired. At this point, you just wanted to go home, clean rest of your weapons and block the world out for the rest of the day. However, as you pulled into your driveway, you were surprised by what looked like Kid sleeping on your porch. That can't be him. You thought. He's over with Luffy.
Parking your car and getting out, you noticed the scars that marked the left side of the dog's body, confirming it was in fact Kid. “Kid? What are yo
:iconphoenixjewls:phoenixjewls 18 5
In The Dark pt3~ Arrival

          Your eyes snap open and you sit up. “Good timing, we have to move.” Law touches your back.
          “Yeah… Kid caught up.” You whisper as you both stand up. You look over as the shadows shift. “Run.” You breathe, grabbing his hand and dashing ahead.
           “How bad is he?” Law asks, looking over his shoulder.
           “He’s bad… Like, fox in the hen house bad.” You tell him. He grimaces and pulls you toward a quarry, hiding amongst the rocks. You look around warily, listening for dogs, or Kid.
            “____.” Law breathes, making you look over. His fingers were tracing over s
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 17 6
The Soldier by AdamBurn The Soldier :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 396 17 RAGNAROK ONLINE by NOPEYS RAGNAROK ONLINE :iconnopeys:NOPEYS 662 55 Dragon Rider Battle by DeivCalviz Dragon Rider Battle :icondeivcalviz:DeivCalviz 977 47 GuGu by naturaljuice GuGu :iconnaturaljuice:naturaljuice 903 15 Diner by chiou Diner :iconchiou:chiou 320 11
Pet pt 5 Escape Kid x Reader
It’d been two days since ____ had left me with this Luffy kid and I was going crazy. This kid was way too hyper for my taste. Sure, he was a happy, cheerful person like ____ was, but at least she was calm about it!
She was smarter, sweeter, more loving and way prettier than-well shit. I growled as I came to the realization that I might be falling for her.
But she doesn't know, dammit! I thought irritatedly. She just thinks I'm her dog, her pet. And if she does know, what's to stop her from running away screaming? I sighed and lay down with my head on my paws. I needed a way out. Preferably before _____ ever found out I was actually human.
“You OK Kid? You look more bummed than usual,” Luffy questioned.
I just huffed and turned my back on him.
“Poor guy. You probably miss ____, huh? Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be back soon.”
Waiting was no longer an option. Not when I knew how much I missed her plus the new information that I actually
:iconphoenixjewls:phoenixjewls 14 9
Pet pt 4 New Assignment Kid x Reader
Pet pt 4 New Assignment KidxReader
The next morning, something cold and wet was rudely pressed to your neck, causing you to sit up quickly while simultaneously clamping your hand on to whatever had been poking you.
Upon coming to your senses, you realized that Kid had poked you with his nose and you had your hand wrapped around his muzzle. He looked completely unimpressed. “Kid, don't do that boy, I  could have hurt you,” you scolded gently. He growled softly in response.
“Well, since you were so kind to wake me up, wanna get breakfast?”
Kids ears perked up and his tail wagged a little, causing you to smile. “Alright, let me get dressed and check the mail first, I'm expecting a letter.” Kid left the room so you could get dressed.
After getting dressed and making breakfast, you sat at the table and read the letter containing vague details about your new assignment from your boss. All it provided really was a name, an address and a time. You knew
:iconphoenixjewls:phoenixjewls 15 14
Pet pt 3 Happy Dog
About ten minutes later, you're on the ground, breathing heavily and glaring at the smug looking Doberman that stood next to you. See, you weren't very athletic and Kid was a fast dog. He didn't seem to care that he had been dragging you the whole time either. "Stupid... dog," you grumbled, still trying to catch your breath.
About then, Nami caught up with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chopper; a small, fluffy dog that seemed to love people. "Are you alright ____?" Nami asked worriedly.
"I'm fine, just tired," you assured. Kid, noticing the smaller dog, rumbled curiously as he lowered his head to sniff at him.
Chopper sniffed back at Kid before happily barking as he bounced around. Kid just huffed and looked away. "I guess that means he doesn't mind Chopper," you commented as you were finally able to stand.
"Chopper seems happy he made a new friend though," Nami replied.
"Yeah. Shall we continue our walk?"
"Sure." The two of you continued your walk as you chatted, Kid behaving thi
:iconphoenixjewls:phoenixjewls 24 16
Troublesome ~ Sabo x Reader *Oneshot*

       Why was he smiling at you like that? This standoff has become increasingly awkward. “.... What's going on again?” You ask looking around. Everyone on set collectively groans.
       “___, why can't we get past this part?” Your drama teacher asks.
       “Um…” You look to the new student, and male lead of this over romanticized play. “Sorry,  I just can't focus today.” You hum sheepishly.
       “Alright, we’ll try this scene again tomorrow,  let's work on the next one.” The teacher sighs.
       You blink looking at the sky, “Damn…” You murmur. Your mind just couldn't focus on anything lately, it felt as if you've drifted away from reality,  peering back in every now
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 54 12
Uncover~Part 10~Can't Wait (Final)

    The man glared between the two of you, his eyes holding a hint of confusion. “So you didn’t know? All the people that you’ve killed, their all contract that belong to a demon and you’re ending the contracts early?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.
    "Why the hell would I mess with a demon? That's just asking for trouble." He frowns at you. "And I already told you. They attacked me!" Frowning a bit you watch the man for a few seconds, trying to decide if he was lying. Sighing, you look over at Smoker.
    “Well, what do we do now? Mihawk wanted him dead, but he didn’t know…” You drag a hand through your hair a little frustrated. “And I wonder why they were attacking him first…that’s just weird.”
    "They thought I was a collector or something. Said they'd kill me before I coul
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 21 17
Uncover~Part 9~Contracts

    Law looks between you and Smoker, swallowing a bit. He’d never seen anything more ferocious before, a white tiger ripping into someone like that. Luckily, you had turned back. "___..." He speaks up lightly. You flinch at his voice, blinking and looking over at him.
    "I..." Looking at the ground, you feel tears well up again. "I don't know what to do now..." You murmur.
    "I know..." Law looks down at Smoker again, the silver haired man was probably the closest thing he had to a best friend. Law knew medicine, but he couldn't do anything for a blow to a heart. Past repair, only something powerful and that can move between worlds could... "Restore..."
    "Hmm?" You look up at him furrowing your eyebrows a bit. "What did you say?"
    "Well... From what I've heard... Beings that can move between planes can bring back the dead... But the c
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 21 5
Uncover~Part 8~No Breaks

    Smoker shifts, moving closer carefully, but this time he stays his hand. "___... It's going to be okay." He says calmly. "This isn’t your fault." You back further away, staring at the blood covering your hands before looking up at Smoker, tears trailing down you face.
    “How can you tell me this isn’t my fault. You now damn well it is…I’m a monster.” You sob, trying to wipe some of the blood off of your hands, but it had already dried, staining your skin. “This is all my fault…it’s all my fault…”
    "___..." He frowns helplessly, trying to reach for you again.
    "Ace... Ace!" Calls make him look over as the Yakuza appear, most rushing to Ace and looking him over.
    "He’s... He's gone pop..." Marco looks up at Newgate. The older man observes the situation bef
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 23 15
Uncover~Part 7~ Nothing Good Lasts

    The initial shock of the man hugging you wore of quickly, a small smile coming to your face as you hug him back. “It’s nice to see you.” You hum, pulling back to look up at the freckled man. He pulls back still grinning.
    "How have you been?"
    "Um...good I guess." You laugh a little. "What about you?"
    "I've been alright, come on in! Meet my foster family! Um... Your friend can come too." He glances at Smoker.
    "Okay." You nod, smiling a little more and ducking inside the massive house. "This place is amazing..."
    "Yeah! Pops buys the best!" He chimes cheerfully.
    "Well, that's nice of him." You chuckle, looking around the living room he had led the two of you to. "Oh right. This is Smoker." You tell him, introducing the man with you with a
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 24 13
night elf by stoudaa night elf :iconstoudaa:stoudaa 143 4



United States
Regarding commissions, feel free to ask. I have nothing to do right now, and I want to draw. (and I want money, haha)

I'm still very new to digital art and honestly I've never actually sold art before, so I have no clue how to price stuff and what not. So just send me a Note and we'll figure it out.

If you're interested in my Spider Cat species, just send me a Note or comment on that page.

Oh and if anyone has some spare time and is willing to help me out with pricing and how to do Adoptables, I'd really appreciate it!


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And oh gosh, it's so cute! I'd love to have them!
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Thanks so much! Do let me know if there's anything I can draw for you.
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